Dai Baoqi Lai replica watch interprets the elegant and playful artistic atmosphere

The Heritage BiCompax Annual chronograph (Heritage BiCompax Annual) on the wrist is the finishing touch. In this group of surrealist style blockbusters, Xu Weizhou only wears a black casual suit over a simple white t-shirt, a black top hat, slender and slender fingers, connecting the new work of the inheritance series annual calendar double disc chronograph on the wrist, reverse. The black and white color of the panda dial echoes the color of fake Rolex the overall shape, which is amazing. The changing light and shadow create a mysterious sense of the future and artistic atmosphere, releasing unlimited charm and possibilities.

The new heritage BiCompax Annual calendar with reverse color design condenses the essence of retro design craftsmanship, elegant and concise; the annual calendar and the timing function are integrated, and the 41 mm stainless steel case is equipped with a precise CFB 1972 automatic winding machine. core. Under Xu Weizhou's interpretation, the playful retro and exquisiteness is ready to come out.

Bucherer, adhering to the pioneering spirit of the founder and the urban charm of Lucerne, the birthplace of the brand, has developed into an internationally renowned high-end watch brand with a global sales network. To this day, Bucherer is still one of the few family-owned Swiss watch brands, and is at the helm of the third-generation descendant of the founder's family, Jörg G. Bucherer. Bucherer’s high-quality timepieces combine outstanding replica rolex uk design with precise timekeeping and outstanding functions. Bucherer, as the first watch brand to mass-produce the outer-rim type automatic winding rotor movement series, also relies on the outer-rim type. The self-winding tourbillon, the top technology, has become the leader in outer edge technology and is acclaimed internationally.