Citizen is the first brand in the replica watch industry to research and apply titanium alloys

The low-key and elegant design of the replica watch is just like the deep and introverted paternal love, and the teaching and care of both rigidity and softness have always cared for our growth. The dials of the two watches are made of precious and exquisite natural eagle's eye stone and bull's eye stone, which symbolize courage and indestructible faith. At the same time, it also has a good meaning of prosperity, which means that we and our father will protect each other when we grow up. Because rare natural gemstones are not easy to obtain, and the dial-making process is complicated, each unique replica watches is created just as we hope to offer our father the only and irreplaceable love, unique. The surface color of eagle's eye stone and bull's eye stone show different brilliance with the change of light, from dark blue to light blue, brown red to crimson, exuding a calm charm, engraving a bit of wonderfulness on the father's wrist, adding a chic aesthetic. interest.

The Henry Moser & Cinderella Tourbillon Tiger's Eye Concept replica watches comes in two styles: white gold with eagle's eye and red gold with bull's eye. The design discards the brand logo and hour markers, and only reveals the minute flying tourbillon at 6 o'clock; the large round dial uses natural eagle's eye and bull's eye stones to give a rich gentleman style, and the rich details are gradually exposed, and the appearance is classic and atmospheric. It vividly demonstrates the superb Swiss watches making craftsmanship. The two replica watches are powered by the HMC 804 movement. The self-winding self-made movement is equipped with a double-layer flat balance spring designed and produced by the brand. The paired balance springs can correct the displacement of the gravity point and reduce friction when the springs are stretched. Effect, while continuously pursuing perfection, accuracy and isochronism can also be greatly improved, showing amazing ingenuity and craftsmanship.

The new Citizen Promaster Mechanical Diver 200m belongs to the Promaster Marine series. The basic design can still be associated with the original Aqualand in the mid-1980s, even though it lacks Aqualand's well-known outstanding depth gauge. Despite the huge 46 mm wide case, Promaster Mechanical Diver is very light. The case and bezel are both super titanium, a proprietary titanium alloy that is harder than steel after treatment. In addition, both are treated by Duratect MRK, which is Citizen's own surface hardening technology, which can improve the surface hardness --- You must know that Citizen is the first brand in the watch industry to research and apply titanium alloys, and other so-called titanium alloy replica watches uk are basically The watch case processed by foreign commissions is different from Citizen. It has its own patented technology, so you can scratch it with a kitchen knife! The unidirectional diving bezel is partially covered by the case and has trapezoidal indentations for maximum grip. The knurled bezel insert is also titanium, but coated with black diamond-like carbon (DLC), making it darker than the case.

The dial maintains a strict and practical style, with great emphasis on legibility. The bottom of the dial is presented in black, again using a pyramid pattern similar to the bezel, making the overall design of the replica watch look cohesive. At the top are hour markers filled with luminous light, including rectangles at 3, 6, and 9, V-shaped markers at 12 and a semicircle. Like the markers, the hands are also filled with luminous paint to ensure visibility in low light. In order to add some vitality to the dial, Citizen also added some beautiful orange, which can be seen on the minute hand, the lollipop-style second hand and the 12 o'clock marker. To facilitate reading the time, a white minute track is printed on the outer flange.